Who is Oliver and Madge?

Inspiration comes in many forms, and for this adventure it came during a Christmas with family. We've always been a rather creative bunch of people, so with no surprise my dear Aunt was proud as punch to show me shome of the beautiful baby knits she'd been working on. We starting talking about craft, and art, and the demise of appreciation of handmade.Yes I have been known to get carried away on my soap box. To my surprise, she had been unable to successfully sell her little wares locally. After another glass of chilled wine relaxing on a veranda in Byron Bay I pondered this conundrum, you have to be a really good salesman to sell woollen jumpers to those of sub tropical New South Wales. But, selling jumpers to residents of the southern highlands should be easy!  From this Christmas show and tell, Oliver and Madge was born; Madge, the lovely name of my dearly departed grandmother, and Oliver, the fat ginger cat who resides with me.

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