Anyone for a cup of tea?

Nothing is worse than having a pot of tea and getting to the second cup and its cold. So what better way to keep a tea pot warm than to put a woolly tea cosy on it.

My love affair with knitted/crocheted tea cosies started with a  pineapple tea cosy, made of course by my Aunt Diana. Aunt Diana had been making beanies in the shape of fruit and the pineapple tea cosy was the template for the beanie.  Very graciously, Aunt Diana gifted me the pineapple tea cosy. It always puts a smile on my face when it gets used. 

They are a great little knitting project for my level of attention, unlike big woolly jumpers. I can usually get one done in a weekend with the embellishments and all. I can't get enough of them, so much so that I am starting to get a collection of tea pots just so I can display them. Here's a collection of my finished projects.

Ladybug in the Garden

Lovely bunch of Roses

Tea cosy officiando's may recognise this pattern from a well known tea cosy designer. 
 Don't I Look Pretty said the Narcissus to the Daffodil 

 Magic Mushroom

Candy Apple


  1. Hello Harper,

    Testing whether Anonymous works. Your mum said that you had some really nice comments about the tea cosies. Thanks :)

  2. may i please have the pattern for those tea cosies in particular the ones with the leaves and gumnuts.