Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fashion mashup; crochet necklace meets singlet

Early this week, I had a little light bulb moment. I love singlets and sleeveless shirts, but the pretty ones are too darn expensive. So I though why not jazz one up yourself. Off to the craft room I went with a lovely set of different cotton singlets. Now anyone who knows me will confirm that I do love an adornment; with many of my clothing and shoes with ruffles, bows and buckles. With a scan through my favourite pictures I came across a lovely little number that A Common Thread designer/ maker Stephanie created; the crocheted bib necklace

The pattern is made in a bulky cotton and looks great for the bib necklace, but bulky yarn is not really my thing. Searching through the bag of fine crochet yarn I found the perfect yarn to go with my plan white cotton singlet, a Milford Perle 10 natural yarn in natural. 

As the yarn I chose was so much thinner than that of the original pattern some adjustments needed to be made. Firstly I increased the number of scallops on each row and increased the number of rows to five. Here are a couple of pictures of the finished product. 

Thank you Stephanie for sharing a lovely pattern!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My craftcrush on Amy Butler

As you may know Oliver and Madge shares a post box with Sophie. Usually this box is full of boring old bills. But not today :-) two Amy Butler patterns arrived yippee. If you have never heard of Amy Butler before today, you HAVE to check out some of her fantastically bright and cool fabrics and patters. Even though she is based in the USA, fabrics and patterns can be sourced in Australia. 

The two patterns that arrived are frenchy bags and birdie sling. 

I have previously made the weekender bag using bright fabric from Ikea. Currently Amy Butler is asking people who have made the weekender to post photos on her Friday Flickr Page. 

So I am very excited to be starting my new projects.  I'll keep you posted on the progress