Pretty Crafty Things

Wow, look over there at the pretty lights. Well in this case the pretty things people create, mostly with yarn with the occasional craft art and art and design and well generally all kinds of stuff. Oh look over there more pretty lights and shiny things. Yeah, so I get easily distracted. What can I say to that, well basically this page is about what inspires me, puts a smile on my face and things that are just jaw droppingly good.

To start off with I thought would share some of my favourite books

 This is a great little book for embellishments. Lesley Stanfield has taken crotchet and knitting out of the functional wares genre into sculpture and free form. Below are a couple of the flowers described in the book, that I have fiddled with to make quaint little brooch's. 

Loani Prior, the Queen of the Funky Tea Cosy . She has two books about tea cosies. The first was given to me by a friend of a friend and it is now a very treasured gift. The second one I bought, and realised very shortly afterwards that nearly my whole family had also bought me a copy.


As with any Queen, Loani Prior has a website, displaying her creations, adventures new and old, and of course a blog. She has aptly named her site The Grand Purl Baa. Check it out it's amazing.

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