Friday, 22 March 2013

Every cloud has a silver lining

As part of the self imposed year of crafternoons, I have been lucky enough to be holding some workshops at Shop Handmade Canberra throughout the year. One of the workshops I had planned was to make origami lilies; a lovely little introduction to origami that isn't the ubiquitous paper crane. Don't get me wrong, I love what the paper cranes stand for, I just think variety is a good thing. Anyway I was all ready for the workshop to be held. I'd sourced cool origami paper from Japan, old maps and music and cut them into numerous 15 x 15 cm squares. I made a couple as examples and put them in Shop Handmade to build interest

Alas, given timing of the Canberra 100 Year Birthday Celebrations, there was not enough interest in the workshop to hold it (that's what I'm telling myself anyway),

So, where is this silver lining you are talking about. Well, as the samples were in the shop, one of their regular customers saw them on display and was keen to find out whether multiples could be made as so to become her bridal bouquet. Of course they could!! The Bride wanted several flowers to be made out of red/crimson, cream and latte colours. Hmmm I know some brides can be quite the bridzilla so I thought the best way to handle this was to get a variety of colours in the general area of those colours and present them to her to choose. 

Colour choice swatches for the Lilies
Colours chosen for the lily bouquet

From the colours chosen, four lilies were made from each colour. This gave rise to a lovely collection of flowers. 

But a pile of lilies doesn't make a bouquet. So with a bit of floral decorating magic, stems and florist tape was added to make them into a true bouquet.


 Off to be delivered tomorrow. I hope she likes them.